Month: October 2017

Illegals Voting & Costing Americans Our Freedoms / Deport Them Now!

President Trump, Enforce All Our Laws on Immigration Now!

We’ve been lied to for Decades now by the Press & Politicians among others and continue to be lied to even today with the Fake Dreamer Issue, as the issue is much larger than that.  The Dreamer issue is being used to get the sympathy needed to Shove Amnesty or Legal Status Down Our Throats and Call us Bigots if we Oppose It.

We must Oppose this Dreamer Deal and Demand that President Trump Keep His Word to End DACA and start Deporting All Illegals, not just the New Definition he now uses to describe just the Gang Members, etc.

I hope as all who view this video also recall the questionable results in the Maricopa County General Election of 2016.  Penzone received more Votes than President Trump and in this video she voted 5 TIMES and claims she didn’t KNOW and has been voting since 2004, how many millions more just like her haven’t been caught Illegally Voting?  This happened in Texas but we all know it also happens in AZ and elsewhere, watch the Video: ( ).

I believe this is the answer as to why Sheriff Joe Lost. We are still waiting for the AZ Legislature to put some real teeth into a Ballot Harvesting Law and not just more Lip Service as usual.

President Trump Deport Illegals Now while we can still save America from VOTER FRAUD.  Mr. President change the way we do Census Taking by not counting Illegals but only US Citizens, after all why should we increase the # of Congressmen to Represent Illegals?

Read this article showing the #’s of the Election of 2018 Closely.…/az-2016-elections-rigged-remov…/

Check-out the numbers for your state. We’ve all known for a long time, that many Illegals don’t pay taxes, because they work for cash, yet they get a lot of government freebies like food stamps, phones, school, medical, utilities, rent, etc. We’ve got so many Americans, veterans, mentally incapable, etc. that are now homeless that can’t figure out the ”system” to get the help they really deserve. Link to the #’s:

Link to the Show:

God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk

President Trump trumps Congress on Obamacare!

President Trump keeping his Promise, where the GOP has broken theirs, and had better know that if they fail on Tax Reform they may be looking for new jobs after the 2018 Primaries, that is if the Voters don’t fall for the Better of Two Evils Theology of the GOP, which is how most stay in office, find Candidates to run against the RINO’s in AZ Primaries.

President Trump with a stroke of his Pen began what those in Congress Promised to do but haven’t done for the American Public.  The  Congress makes Campaign Promises / Lies and then Brakes them,  it’s their way of staying in office.  They lie to the American Voters and believe they have no one to answer to, and now with President Trump signing an Executive Order that will begin to Free Americans from the Socialized Medicine that both the Democrats and many Republicans had hoped to keep.  If Obamacare was left in tact it would result in the continued Enslavement of the American People now and forever.

The New Plan is supported by Senator Rand Paul as he gave it his support at the signing, receiving praise from President Trump in so doing.  I hope no one misses the absence of  GOP Leadership at the signing.  I don’t believe many of them favored the Presidents action, as this puts them on notice, if they don’t keep the Promises made to Voters in the last 4 Election Cycles of Repealing Obamacare, many of them won’t be winning in their 2018 Primaries.

I know that this isn’t the end all to be all, but it’s a beginning and also shows the states that they need to tear down the Walls they’ve built up over the years by not allowing Health Insurance to be sold across State Lines.  The State Legislators need to get to work on this by not protecting the Insurance Companies, but by Serving the Citizens of their respective States, as they’re suppose to serve US not the Insurance Lobby.

The Executive Order signed today was only the 1st step in ending the Nightmare of Obamacare.  We as a Nation must now prepare ourselves for the onslaught from the other side on this issue.  I’m certain it’s already on its’ way and will include some Republicans as well. This will give over 25 Million Americans the Freedom to now Choose what type of Health Coverage they need and can afford. The signing removes the Fear they’ve lived with of an Illness costing them their Life Savings & more.

We must do more to expand Health Savings accounts by increasing the amounts allowed to be put into them.  This must include those on Medicaid being allowed to take their monies and negotiate as well.  There are approximately 74 Million on Medicaid which is about 1/3 more than All the Seniors on Medicare, this Federal program is bloated and out of control and must to be reigned in.  The Federal Debt will increase,  as long as the Fed is involved in Healthcare at any level, and they’ll try again to take us down the Path to Socialized Medicine. 

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk
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Info on Selling Across State Lines:


Should Endorsements Matter? Not Really!

 Why I believe Endorsements for the most part shouldn’t influence voters other than possibly get their attention as to who’s running and what they need to do to make their Votes Count.

I’ve been asked over the yrs. while Hosting AM Radio to give Endorsements, and learned early on to be very selective and always do my homework before just handing them out to anyone who asked.  Endorsements have many purposes, and of course the person soliciting the Endorsements are hoping it influences voters familiar with the endorser will at least give them a look or even better Financial Support and Votes.

The endorsers reasons for handing out endorsements has its’ benefits as well, it makes them look like an informed celebrity or office holder and may even gain them new viewers, listeners or supporters and future favors as well. There’s a  Dark Side to Endorsements, it’s that most who give them know little about the Candidate they’re endorsing and mostly depend on staff or others who recommend the candidate, and give one out without any true knowledge of the Candidate they’re endorsing, not realizing if closely examined whether they’d even support them as a Voter.

I hope anyone reading this takes the time to check out the Candidates being endorsed and not blindly follow the directions of the person giving the endorsement, it can lead to having people in office who aren’t what they claim as many in AZ have 1st hand experience represented by Sen. McCain and others.

The best way to see who to support is check out their voting records if they’ve held or hold office and if not then check their history of Political Activism on issues important to all of us such as Education, Budgetary matters, check to see who they’ve supported at the local, state and federal levels, these are usually the best indicators of what the Candidate truly supports and will if elected.

I know in LD 22’s SCW and LD 21’s SC we have an ongoing battle with the AZ Corp. Comm. on a water issue, and even though hundreds of voters signed petitions and spoke out against the proposed increase to them at AZ Corp. meetings only B. Burns voted with the voters and against a form of Socialism in AZ, and now Commissioner Little has been promoted to a Federal Job by the Trump Administration, and Forese is now running for AZ Treasurer both claim to be conservatives.

Voters must be informed not just influenced by Celebrities, Politicians, Political Groups, Organizations, PACS etc. check the Real Records of those running. Lets recall here in AZ the last few yrs. we’ve had AZ Legislators Vote to take authority away form AZ Supt. of Public Instruction with amending HB 2184 & then doing the same with SB 1469, along with passing PROP 123 to take monies from the Ed Trust Fund, and many AZ legislators supported the Popular Vote and so much more, would you endorse or Vote for these so call Conservatives, as I didn’t & won’t.

We must remember the  Freedoms  many have  Fought and Died to give us shouldn’t be handed over to others as a result of a Popularity contest but the True Character of the Person asking for our Votes this is a Sacred Trust we all have, and Our Children’s Futures Depend on US doing Our Homework as well, not following the advice of Endorsers who don’t know the Candidates.

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk
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