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Frank’s GOP Record! Not Friendly to US Constitution…

The following pages demonstrate the positions and votes cast by Rep. Trent Franks, our United States Representative for District 8, during his seven terms as congressman.

We’ve looked closely at these votes, have come to the same conclusion as the group that put this list together, and rated Rep. Franks at 75%, or at best a Middle C, which was considered just average in my days at school.

We realize at first glance this seems acceptable to some. However, upon closer examination I’ve found many of his votes were also rated unconstitutional votes or votes that harm the American worker and economy, I agree with this assessment. For this reason, I present Rep. Franks’ voting record in this format for voters in Congressional District 8, and all Arizonans, indeed all Americans to read and judge for themselves.  Rep. Franks Endorsed Sen. Rubio read it, a member of Sen. McCain’s Gang of Eight Amnesty for Illegals for President and now reluctantly stated he’ll support the Nominee, we can’t afford to have Establishment GOP office holders who are more concerned about their positions vs. Our Nations Future who I believe will do what it takes to block any real changes Mr. Trump may want, they’re trying to protect the status quo for themselves not US and therefore need to be replaced.   Rep. Franks, Sen. McCain, Flake and others in the AZ GOP DC Delegation also want to Close the Glendale Casino which will cost jobs not to mention a better tax base for the West Valley, we the people have spoken on this issue and they the Hired Help need to Stay out of State, County & City Business.

Many, elected officials, at all levels, are constantly explaining how compromise is the only way they can get things done. I can understand this, coming from a business background. I negotiated contracts with several large retail food chains over 30 years in the business. However, there is a big difference between compromising on a funding bill versus voting for a bill that strips away Americans’ constitutional rights, this isn’t what I’d call Compromise but Surrender. I don’t understand how anyone can in good conscience cast a vote that causes all Americans to lose the God-given rights granted to US in our founding documents.

Trent Franks says he believes that the United States Constitution is the greatest governing document written by mankind in human history. Its core components of protecting life, liberty, and property, are the ultimate recipe for successful human government. Congressman Franks is the Chairman of the subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice, and he works to prevent the original intent in the provisions of the Constitution, especially by judges whose primary responsibility is to protect it. If the statements made by Rep. Franks are true then we need to ask the question of him why don’t his votes on the following Bills in the House represent those statements. Franks Voted Yes giving Authority to Obama’s Fast Track Trans- Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement. He also for to Raise the Debt Ceiling, CISPA, Warrant Less Wire Taps, Re-Authorization of the Patriot Act & to make it Permanent.

Franks takes orders from GOP Bosses in DC, Voting 95% in lockstep with DC Establishment, putting America deeper in Debt, Not Secure, Losing Constitutional Freedoms all while he’s been in office, so are we better off than we were when Franks went to DC in 2003?Franks Sponsored 102 Bills, 92 Failed, 10 passed, One Tossed Out in Court: HR 2938 (2011) the Anti-Glendale Casino (Jobs) Bill which McCain, Flake and Franks are still trying to close the Glendale Casino Costing Glendale Jobs and $$$.

Franks voted for Boehner & Ryan, endorsed Gang of Eight Rubio / Amnesty McCain supporter for President. “However, Franks said that if it ends up being between Clinton and Trump, he’ll back Trump.” So Franks Reluctantly supports Trump only because he’s not Hillary, not because he supports Trump’s plan to change DC and represent the People. Check Link.., We hope this information is helpful to all Voters in AZs’ CD 8 and other CDs as well.

Franks is now supporting Trump, he actually did try along with others to Stop Trump and now says he supports him, did what he believed right for the GOP Establishment or his Political Career, many in CD 8 realize Franks only supports Trump because so many in CD 8 do and expected him to do so, to protect his job and therefore had no choice but to publicly support Trump, but who knows what he’ll do in GOP Backrooms when Trump wins, the Biggest Enemy Trump will have are the Old Line GOP Career Politicians:,

Rep.Franks Record:
Trade Bills, Unconstitutional Votes, Increase National Debt Votes, Education, Job Training Etc. Votes, Rep. Frank’s Voting Record.

In Closing: Election Cycles are Critical to Our Nation, whether we sink deep into a Socialistic Nation or Restore Ourselves to a True Republic form of Government. The choices are clear, we must never support anyone that votes against or compromises the US Constitution and Our Freedoms and believe that’s what most of us believe in and hope for, and the GOP Elite Power Brokers are Afraid of: ( Time to Drain All Political Swamps)…

  God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk 

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  1. Mina November 27, 2016 at 1:27 am - Reply

    Just the type of inghsit we need to fire up the debate.

  2. Clair Van Steenwyk December 2, 2016 at 10:15 am - Reply

    He’s a safe Incumbent and knows it, we tried again and fell short, hope someone else will step in 18.

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